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Bozeman, MT, USA

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I started taking photographs when I graduated high school and took a trip around the world. I found that photography made me look at the world more critically; as I sought to take good photographs, I looked more carefully at the scenes surrounding me and paid more attention to people with whom I interacted. Photography was a way for me to not only document my surroundings, but interact with them in a fundamentally different way.

As time has passed, I've worked for various magazines and newspapers. I've shot events and real estate listings. I've used photography as a method of documenting various outdoor pursuits: from rock climbing and mountaineering, to mountain biking and skiing. My photographs have won accolades and awards from individuals and organizations. 


I provide portrait, wedding and special event photography. I work on a sliding scale and provide several packages to accommodate different budgets and needs. Please contact me for additional information.


E- angelorphotography@gmail.com

T- 208-859-4581